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Author Name: Melissa Thompson

Protect Your Investment with a Vehicle Service Contract

A vehicle service contract, often referred to as an extended warranty, is an agreement between a vehicle owner and a provider that covers the cost of certain repairs for a set period of time or mileage.  While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, a vehicle service contract can provide several benefits for car owners.  […]

The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Buying a pre-owned car can offer many benefits and advantages over purchasing a brand-new car.  Let’s discuss some of the benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle. The most obvious benefit of buying a pre-owned car is the cost savings.  Pre-owned cars are significantly less expensive than brand-new cars. Additionally, preowned cars typically have lower insurance […]

Using Your Vehicle Inflator Kit

An inflator kit is an essential tool that can help you fix a flat tire on your vehicle quickly and easily. Below you will find the steps you need to take to be prepared to use your inflator kit in an emergency situation. Always remember to use caution. Before using an inflator kit, it is […]

Brandon Thompson, Business Manager

We would like to introduce our new Business Manager, Brandon Thompson. Brandon brings 5 years of dealership finance experience in addition to over 10 years of experience and relationships in indirect automotive lending. Brandon has a passion for helping customers find financing that fits their budget and products that can limit their expenses. His dealership […]

Appraisal Process at Auto Direct

When you’re in the market for a new car, you may be wondering how dealerships value trade ins.  After all, if you’re going to trade in your current vehicle, you want to make sure you’re getting a fair price for it. Many factors go into determining the value of a trade in. Here are a […]