Protect Your Investment with a Vehicle Service Contract

Vehicle Service Contract Offered by Auto Direct

A vehicle service contract, often referred to as an extended warranty, is an agreement between a vehicle owner and a provider that covers the cost of certain repairs for a set period of time or mileage.  While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, a vehicle service contract can provide several benefits for car owners.  Let’s explore some of the advantages of having a vehicle service contract.

  1. Peace of mind

One of the most significant benefits of having a vehicle service contract is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is covered in case of unexpected breakdowns or repairs.  With a service contract, you can avoid the financial burden of unexpected repair bills and have the assurance that your vehicle will be taken care of if something goes wrong. Vehicle service contracts offered at Auto Direct include national coverage so you can rest assured that you will always be within your coverage area.

  • Budget-friendly

Another advantage of a vehicle service contract is that it can be budget-friendly.  Many service contracts can be financed with the purchase of a vehicle, which can help you avoid large, unexpected expenses.  Additionally a service contract may allow you to pay only a deductible, which can help you save money. Vehicle service contracts offered at Auto Direct include reimbursement for towing charges and an additional coverage for food and lodging if a covered mechanical breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home. Authorized repairs made at participating dealers are paid directly to the dealer ensuring that you will not have to wait for reimbursement.

  • Convenience

With a vehicle service contract, you can enjoy the convenience of having your vehicle serviced and repaired by trained professionals. The service contracts offered by Auto Direct include over 6,000 authorized service centers in the US and Canada. Such a large network of service centers ensures that service is never too far away.

  • Increased resale value

Having a vehicle service contract can also increase your vehicle’s resale value.  Contracts offered by Auto Direct are fully transferable to a subsequent owner, making your car more appealing to potential buyers. It can also help assure a potential buyer that the vehicle is in good working order.

  • Coverage options

Finally, with a vehicle service contract, you can choose the coverage that best suits your needs.  Auto Direct currently offers 3 coverage levels, from powertrain coverage to a more comprehensive platinum plan.  You can choose the level of coverage that fits your budget and your vehicle’s needs.

A vehicle service contract can provide several benefits for car owners, including peace of mind, budget friendliness, convenience, increased resale value, and coverage options.  If you’re considering a service contract, be sure to speak with our Business Manger to ensure that you get the coverage that’s right for you and your vehicle.